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Recruitment Fraud

Recent incidents of recruitment fraud via unauthentic websites and emails have been brought to the attention of our company and reported to authorities. These recruitment communications are made without Quorex Construction Services Ltd. knowledge or approval. Quorex Construction Services Ltd. utilizes fair and ethical hiring practices and would never request fees or personal information from a candidate. If you receive an unsolicited employment email or see a suspicious job posting soliciting fees or personal information, these are not legitimate Quorex Construction Services Ltd. job postings or offers.

Perpetrators will claim they are Quorex employees recruiting potential employees for our company in Canada. These offers may contain official logos which have been fraudulently reproduced from our website, and are usually sent via email. They will ask for a fee to process the victim's employment papers, tender offers, job applications and typically advise they have either been hired by Quorex, or may obtain employment with our work permits. Personal information, such as passports, may also be requested by these perpetrators.


Legitimate Quorex emails always end in "". Any email styled with "Quorex" using a different format is not authentic.

We ask that you forward any concerns to

Position Location Application Deadline
Project Manager Saskatoon December 31 2018


142 Cardinal Crescent
Saskatoon, SK S7L 6H6

(306) 244-3717

(306) 665-7705


1630A 8th Avenue
Regina, SK S4R 1E5

(306) 761-2222

(306) 761-2300