Community &
Indigenous Commitment


We believe good things come from supporting the communities we work in. By supporting our communities, we support our local economy. We are a multicultural Saskatchewan-based employee-owned company and currently employ 100% local labour.

We are committed to:


  • Strengthening the local economy We engage the local services, suppliers, and trades as part of our construction services. On all our projects, local services, subcontractors, and material suppliers are major contributors to the projects’ success. During the tendering stage, our estimators ensure local suppliers and trades are invited to bid on all our projects, so they are contracted when the project is awarded. During construction, our team depend on local services for all their needs.


  • Investing in the community (education, training, and employment) Our continued commitment to the community includes continuous employment where the local labour becomes Quorex permanent employees, and encouraging the local labour to pursue apprenticeship opportunities and become experts in their trades while building their careers with us. This is managed and supported through Quorex Apprenticeship Program. We actively promote careers in construction for all those interested. We pride ourselves in offering a safe and inviting work environment where all individuals are welcome.


  • Truth & Reconciliation We are committed to the Truth and Reconciliation calls-to-action. Stemming from this commitment is Quorex’s Indigenous content plan that we implement on all our projects. As a part of our commitment to the local economy and our communities, our Indigenous plan includes direct indigenous employment, indigenous subcontracting, and indigenous education and training.



Giving Back

We give back to the communities we work in.

We proactively get to know the local communities and their needs. We contribute to their projects and initiatives through scholarships, event sponsorships, donations (physical, monetary, time, or labour), volunteering, fund raising, and others.

We also support initiatives and local charities in the communities of our employees. Our employees head the efforts of the initiatives and we make Quorex resources available to support them (volunteering, participation, fundraising, sponsorships, and donations).



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