Onion Lake High School
Educational & Learning
64,050 sq ft
Onion Lake Cree Nation
Onion Lake Cree Nation, SK
Lump Sum General Contracting

The new Sakaskohc high school is a state-of-the art new joint-use high school facility for learning and accommodating the growing student population of Onion Lake Cree Nation.

The new school consists of a two-story 5,950m2 (64,050 sf) building with concrete foundations with a steel and timber super-structure. The new school features a large cafeteria/student commons, dedicated practical and applied arts spaces, a lecture/performance theatre, and a full double-court gymnasium with an elevated running track.

The school improves opportunities for Onion Lake youth, and provides safe, modern, and welcoming learning environments to help them learn and reach their potential.

Proud to be the general contractor of this project and proud of the hard work of our team who completed this project approximately one month ahead of schedule. Construction started in August of 2019 and was a great collaboration between Onion Lake Cree Nation, aodbt architecture interior design, and our Quorex team. 

Site work includes full development of sidewalks, asphalt parking lot, trees and shrubs for which we worked closely with an Owner engaged earthwork firm to complete.



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