The Hospice at Glengarda
Health Care
18,300 sq ft
St. Paul's Hospital Foundation
Saskatoon, SK
Lump Sum
The free-standing 15 bed facility marks the beginning of a new era for hospice care in Saskatoon. The Hospice at Glengardawill is for people whose end of life care cannot be managed at home, and will provide care in a very warm home-like setting, with staff focused on providing end of life care. Along with 15 rooms, the 2 floor hospice has 3 outdoor patio areas, multiple kitchen and common areas, a spa room on each floor, a commercial kitchen and a number of small family areas.  Each patient room and spa room is also equipped with ceiling track lifts, to help staff mobilize patients when needed. 


142 Cardinal Crescent
Saskatoon, SK S7L 6H6

(306) 244-3717

(306) 665-7705


1630A 8th Avenue
Regina, SK S4R 1E5

(306) 761-2222

(306) 761-2300

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